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French Military Hosts 7th MSC For Wwi Commemorations

Story by SFC John Freese on 10/09/2018

The 7th MSC operated a logistics command post for Operation Victory Over There near Verdun, France, working with the French military at Base d'Etain. Victory Over There was a series of commemorative events running from Sept. 20-24 conducted jointly by the American Battle Monuments Commission and the U.S. Army Center of Military History.

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Army Reserve Soldiers, Civilian Contractors Combine Efforts In Fort Bliss Srrc

Story by SGT Christopher Hernandez on 09/25/2018

This aforementioned scene details a routine day at the SRCC, which is a critical component of the Mobilization and Deployment Brigade, Directorate of Planning, Training, Mobilization and Security here. The SRRC functions as a joint collaboration between Army Reserve Soldiers of the 210th Regional Support Group and 7251st Medical Support Unit, along with civilian contractors from Gemini Tech Services, the Magnificus-Sterling Corporation, and Luke & Associates, Inc.

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Community Outreach Day: Uniting Army Reserve Soldiers And El Paso

Story by SGT Christopher Hernandez on 09/11/2018

Soldiers of the 210th Regional Support Group (Aguadilla, Puerto Rico), 1st Mission Support Command and the 1st Armored Division Iron Training Detachment organized the event, with additional support by volunteers from the Child Crisis Center, Big Brothers Big Sisters, El Paso Police Department, and the Police Explorers.

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Maritime Prepositioning Ships Squadron Three Conducts Group Sail With Guam Units

Maritime Prepositioning Ships Squadron THREE (MPSRON 3) successfully conducted their third underway multi-ship training exercise, Group Sail, Aug. 19-24, off the coast of Saipan, Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands and Guam.

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It's Not Magic, It's Logistics: Army, Navy Test Expeditionary Fast Transport In Black Sea

Story by SGT Kris Bonet on 08/25/2018

Soldiers, sailors and civilians with the U.S. Transportation Command tested a high-speed vessel to transport troops and cargo across the Black Sea, Aug. 24, 2018.

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9th MSC Trains Leaders To Share The Unit Story

Story by SSG Edwin Basa on 08/22/2018

"As public affairs officers, we can't go to every single unit, every single event, so, the UPARs will get down to the unit level, squad, company level, battalion level and get that story and be able to, with our assistance, get that story out, be able to publish and produce their story, their event" said Maj. Melodie Tafao, the 305th Mobile Public Affairs Detachment Commander.

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