Child/Youth School And Services


Child, Youth & School Services (CYSS) has a range of quality programs to help Army Families meet their parental challenges and maintain their mission readiness. Whenever you need it and wherever you are, CYSS is prepared to make life better for Army Reserve Families.

  • Leverage child/youth military, community and national resources to help meet the needs of AR Families where they reside.

CYS Services helps geographically dispersed Soldiers and Families find affordable childcare and youth supervision options within local communities. Provide and connect Soldier & Families to school-age and youth command/unit events, school-age and youth community-based partnership events, school support services, and community-based resources. CYSS also has opportunities for youth volunteers for example: Army Reserve Teen Panel Member, Command Teen Councils Member, Youth, Leadership, Education and Development Summits, assist with FRG, Family Days, Battle Assembly Snack area and many more.

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