Office Of The Surgeon


The Surgeon's Office mission is to provide professional medical expertise to all units on health related and medical readiness issues. Provide advice to Commanders of non medical units concerning MOS and continuing health education training requirements for medical personnel assigned to those units.


The Surgeon's office can assist with medical/dental readiness to include assistance with group events and working with LHI. Update MEDPROS Flu injections. and Medical Equipment area to include Medical Allergies and Hearing protection and assist with ordering of Medical alert tags and hearing protection. Advise on AGR procedures for Medical Readiness through local providers and MTF's. Review Line of Duties (LOD's) and INCAP claims for Soldiers. The Surgeons office can assist Soldiers with obtaining a physical profile or changing a physical profile, also assist Soldiers with WTU packets, and Deployment Health Assessment Process. Provide programs and procedures to insure overall medical readiness of Soldiers in the AOR. Assist Commands to coordinate and schedule fit for duty, mental health evaluations and medical boards.

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