US Army Reserve Soldiers Check Out Miles Gear.

Story by SGT T Matthew O'Neill II on 08/09/2018
These training aids help Reserve Soldiers stay capable, lethal and combat ready.

Warehouse specialist William Weekley shared how the TASC assists in keeping Reserve Soldiers lethal.

"When they come here, we issue them out MILES," said Weekley, "that way when they go out there and they're training, they're training in a realistic way where nobody's getting hurt. But they're seeing the results of that person shooting the weapon and their aim."

In addition to MILES gear and TADSS, the TASC warehouse provides graphic training aids, such as suicide prevention "ACE" cards, to units free of charge. Some of the TADSS available includes opposition forces and civilian clothing; mock improvised explosive devices; and audio-visual items like waterproof cameras, projectors, and speaker systems.

Weekley also talked about the TASC helping maintain the combat readiness of Reserve Soldiers.

"We try to provide the most updated and best virtual reality simulators for the Guard and Reserve. ... We're not perfect," Weekley confided, but, "when it comes to the Soldiers and their training ... they get the very best when they come to Fort McCoy."

Weekley also said, "If they can see it before they get out in the field, that just makes our guys one step ahead of the bad guys."

Later, while moving MILES gear with a forklift, Weekley exclaimed, "Oh yeah! Lovin' my job!"

TASC customer, U.S. Army Reserve Sgt. Nicolas Garcia, maintenance noncommissioned officer in charge for the 149th Medical Detachment Veterinary Service, shared how his visit to the TASC warehouse went.

"Today, things ran smoothly. The personnel were very helpful and courteous," Garcia said.

Garcia also shared what the 149th signed out from the warehouse.

"We were getting our MILES gear for the upcoming event so our Soldiers can participate in it and they are prepared for the training," Garcia said, referring to the combat support training exercise.

Every Soldier has an assigned military occupation specialty (MOS), but Garcia said, "Besides our MOS-specific training, this will give us a chance to train Soldiers, incoming personnel that we're going to be getting in our unit. We'll have the experience under our belts and we'll be able to train them in a specific way to our unit."

Before leaving the TASC warehouse, Garcia added, "It's good training."

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