Best Warrior Competition

Army Reserve Best Warrior Competition

The Army Reserve’s best will compete for the title of Best Warrior at Fort Bragg, N.C., May 1-7, 2016. This is the second year the competition will be held at Fort Bragg, N.C..

Approximately 40-45 Soldiers will spend the week competing in a variety of challenges including firing weapons, land navigation, the Army Physical Fitness Test, and various mystery events.

The two winners of the Army Reserve’s Soldier and NCO of the Year and will compete against winners from the major Army commands in October at Fort Lee, Va.

Many of the competitors military backgrounds and experience cover the entire spectrum of the Army Reserve, with many of them having deployed to Afghanistan, Iraq or Kuwait.

Their career fields include military police, engineering, medical, human resources and intelligence. They hail from all across the country. Minuteman Scholarships

Army Reserve Scholarships

The 2016 window for Army Reserve Minuteman Scholarships is now open. The deadline for applying for these scholarships is August 15, 2016.

Minuteman Scholarship Opportunities

If you are interested in receiving an Army Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) scholarship and commissioning into the Army Reserve, the Minuteman Scholarship provides you an excellent opportunity.

Minuteman Scholarships cover 4 years of full tuition and fees or $10,000 for room and board at colleges and universities served by an Army ROTC program.

Scholarship recipients also receive a monthly stipend of $300 to $500, and a yearly book allowance of $1,200. In addition, Minuteman Scholarship recipients participate in the Simultaneous Membership Program, which gives them experience with an Army Reserve unit while earning additional money for their service.

To get started, high school seniors should contact the Professor of Military Science or Recruiting Operations Officer at the Army ROTC program that serves their college or university. There are 275 host programs that cover nearly 3,000 schools across the United States. To find a program that serves your college or university, go to For questions concerning the Minuteman Scholarship, email the Minuteman Scholarship manager or call (502)624-7695.

The 2016 window for Army Reserve Minuteman Scholarships is now open. The deadline for applying for these scholarships is August 15, 2016.


•Be a US citizen
•Have a valid MEPS physical
•Currently in the USAR
•Complete SF86 to obtain secret security clearance
•Pass a valid APFT
•Be in compliance with AR 600-9 HT/WT standards
•Pass MSC CDR interview process (if applicable)
•Pass PMS interview process (PMS should be involved early in the process to avoid problems)
•Proof of acceptance into participating University of attendance
•Proof of academic major
•Proof of SAT/ACT scores (min. 920 SAT or 19 ACT)
•Must have an approved academic major and be a current drilling USAR member.
•They must, at a minimum, be accepted into a participating institution.
•USAR members currently in their first or second year of college are also eligible for consideration, based on the determination of each MSC CDR.
•Be able to commission before reaching the age of 31

Army Reserve Minuteman Scholarship Qualifications

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