88th RSC Info

Administrative Services And Support

The 88th RSC is responsible for the management of enlisted TPU Soldier promotion process within the command’s 19-state region.

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The Army Reserve’s best will compete for the title of Best Warrior at Fort Bragg, N.C., May 1-7, 2016. This is the second year the competition will be held at Fort Bragg, N.C..

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In addition to giving you a head start on your career for your commitment, the Army Reserve will take care of you and your family by providing tremendous benefits for part time employment. As a Soldier in the Army Reserve, you’ll earn money for education, cash bonuses, discounted health care, build retirement, and more. All while you pursue your civilian career or continue your education.

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Community Outreach Support

The 88th RSC coordinates Army Music support to the 19-State region with the command and control of six Army Bands located in seven different locations.

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Environmental Responsibility

Meeting all regulatory requirements and guidelines while completing the Army Reserve Mission.

The 88th RSC Environmental Compliance Program assists Units and its assets to comply with environmental regulations amidst the complex and technical rules.

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Equipment Support And Services

The 88th RSC Directorate of Logistics supports the northwest region by providing high-quality efficient equipment maintenance and storage support to customer units within the 88th RSC area of operations.

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Facility Management

Energy and utility usage and costs have a major impact on the Army's operational budget.

The Army Reserve’s Energy Program provides Soldiers and stakeholders with conservation ideas and education to achieve the Army’s Energy Goals.

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Functional Training Support

The 88th RSC's Hands-On-Training (HOT) Program is an innovative approach to training which provides hands-on sustainment training for AR Soldiers and Military Technicians with logistical occupational speacialties and duties.

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Psychological Health Services

The US Army Reserve Psychological Health Program serves to enhance resilience and assist with recovery of US Army Reserve service members and their families through outreach, education and training, non-stigmatizing behavioral health screenings and referral resources. The Program provides support for psychological health concerns to ensure service members and their families are psychologically ready and resilient to carry out their mission. We connect geographically dispersed service members and their families with relevant resources within their community.

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Honoring Our Fallen

The Army Reserve continues to honor veterans and their families who have served the Nation by ensuring their burial sites are maintained to standards befitting their status as national shrines.

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Medical Programs/Health Services

A Line of Duty is the process that documents Soldier injury, illness, disease or death occurring during a duty status.

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Retirement Services

88th RSC Retirement Services
CPT Harvie Berry
Office: 608-388-9321

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Safety And Occupational Health

The 88th RSC Safety Office continuously travels the region visiting facilities to increase safety compliance.

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Special Programs And Services

Drug Demand Reduction is a function of the 88th RSC’s Directorate of Human Resources.

The 88th RSC is responsible for providing Substance Abuse Assistance to its units and in support of its BASOPS mission.

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Strong Bonds

The strength of the Army Reserve is only as strong as the relationships that support the Soldiers within it. The Army Reserve works to improve the resiliency of those relationships with a chaplain-led program called Strong Bonds. The Strong Bonds Training Program offers skills-based training that focuses on enhancing the most important relationships. These skills can make good relationships great and assist you to persevere through difficult times. Strong Bonds is conducted in an off-site training format to maximize the training effect. This training provides an interactive, safe, and secure environment to address many challenges of the military.

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Yellow Ribbon

The Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program is a congressionally mandated DoD wide effort to promote the well-being of National Guard and Reserve members, their families and communities, by connecting them with resources throughout the deployment cycle.

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Photo Gallery

88th Regional Support Command Equipment Concentration Site - 67 personnel, Aaron White (far right) checks the assembly progress during a training exercise on the operation and maintenance of a Dry Span Support Bridge at the soon to be established Draw Yard at ECS-67 on Fort McCoy, Wis., May 5.

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