Equipment Support And Services

Maintenance and Storage

Maintenance and Storage

Provided by 88th RSC AMSAs, ECSs and MECS

The 88th RSC Directorate of Logistics supports the northwest region by providing high-quality efficient equipment maintenance and storage support to customer units within the 88th RSC area of operations.

The 88th RSC accomplishes that mission through Area Maintenance Support Activities (AMSAs), Equipment Concentration Sites (ECSs), and the Medical Equipment Concentration Site (MECS).

Overseeing these activities are seven Supervisory Equipment Specialists dispersed across the region.

Customer units who store equipment at ECSs are required to conduct an annual physical inventory of stored equipment.

Equipment turned in for maintenance with damage other than fair wear and tear will be refused until a Commanders Letter of Release or a release from the FLIPL IO accompanies the work order.

Customer units requiring equipment maintenance are required to submit an 18R to their supporting AMSA or ECS for support in accordance with USARC 750-1. This serves as a written agreement between Unit and Maintenance Activity.

Properly scheduled maintenance allows for shorter return times and higher mission readiness.

Additionally, it allows the supporting maintenance activity to schedule workload equally throughout the year.

Points of Contact:

Chief, Maintenance Division
Jason Sikorski

Brad Rohloff
AMSA 61, 75*, 80, 137
ECS 10*, 37*

Jared Smith
Fort McCoy, WI
ECS 67

Paul Nielsen
Fort McCoy, WI
AMSA 22*, 28*, 49, 101*, 108*, 139, 140, 155

Bruce Russell
Whitehall, OH
AMSA 3*, 56, 58*, 59*, 129, 131, 134*, 165*

Mark Stucko
Darien, IL
AMSA 45, 48, 132,
133*, 136*, 138, 159*

Randall Goin
Kansas, MO
AMSA 35, 57, 115
ECS 66*

Eric Bethurem
Kansas City, MO
816-348- 2930
AMSA 38*, 39, 100
ECS 33*, 42

New Equipment Issue and Training

New Equipment Issue and Training

The 88th RSC Directorate of Logistics manages two New Equipment Fielding Facilities (NEFF) which Conduct New Equipment Fielding IAW USARC G-4 Force Modernization guidance.

NEFFs coordinate new material training requirements, execute new material fielding plans, monitor new material fielding actions and track completion of de-processing and accountability transactions.

They coordinate, monitor and execute the second destination transportation request provided by the unit.

Prior to de-processing, NEFFs receive, inventory, tag, and provide temporary storage of new equipment that is shipped from Program Managers.

The New Equipment Training (NET) process begins with the New Material Information Briefing which discusses training requirements. NEFFs then identify additional support, facility requirements and coordinate as needed.

NEFFs also provide all facility resources necessary to conduct both operator and maintenance NET. This includes storage space, warehouse space, hard top parking areas, maintenance bays, administrative space and classrooms.

Training is provided by the program manager, with the support of the NEFF. Any live fire or range requirements are the gaining units responsibility.

Advantages of NEFFs

  • New Equipment Fielding Facilities have proven advantageous for supported units.
  • These include reduced coordination requirements between unit command teams and USARC equipment specialists.
  • Increased accountability is achieved due to having full time staff trained to receive, secure and account for new equipment prior to hand-off.
  • Reduced cost to store equipment prior to de-processing due to unit’s challenges with adequate storage space at home station.
  • Most importantly, they eliminate distraction from unit primary mission requirements.

Point of Contact:

Chief, Supply & Maintenance Division CIV
Stephen Shumway
608-388-0408 New Equipment Fielding Facilities

Ogden NEFF
850 Bill Bailey BLVD
Ogden, UT 84404


Terry Hamm
801-392-2773 x223

Supply Management Specialist

Seth Tenbrink
801-392-2773 x225

Fort McCoy NEFF
2791 West 14th Ave
Fort McCoy, WI 54656


Bryan Witherow

Supply Management Specialist

Terry Schumacker

Non-Tactical Vehicles

Non-Tactical Vehicles

GSA Lease Vehicles Assigned to 88th RSC Facilities

The 88th RSC Directorate of Logistics provides base operations support by assigning non-tactical vehicles (NTV) to facilities within the northwest region.

Authorized use is defined as official government business like administrative facility support such as mail and DFAC transport services, transportation during battle assemblies for lodging-in- kind, casualty notification and assistance visits, official ceremonies, and military funerals. Each NTV has a monthly permissible operating distance of 1,200 miles and a one-way operating limit of 200 miles from the facility.

Unauthorized uses include personal use, transporting family or friends, going to a private residence, unit mission support such as annual, field, or range training events, and for unit equipment shortfalls. NTVs are also not allowed for off-road driving (only concrete, asphalt, or other improved surfaces are allowed).

Fuel cards will only be used for the assigned vehicle and will not be used for incorrect fuel type, fuel quantity more than tank volume, or purchase of personal items such as snacks, cigarettes, etc. Violations may result in the operator being held financially liable and criminal prosecution under Title 18, USC.

Damage and repairs will be assessed for liability based upon details obtained in a completed SF91 Vehicle Accident/Incident Report. Vehicle fines and tolls are the sole responsibility of operator.

The 88th RSC can withdraw, suspend, or terminate NTV assignment based on unauthorized use of vehicle or fuel card.

Vehicle Allocation: Vehicles funded by 88th RSC are facility assets, not unit or individual assets. The number of vehicles assigned is determined by facility population:

  • 50 FTS or 125 TPU = 1 NTV (Leased or owned)
  • Facility receives higher number comparing FTS or TPU
  • Maximum of 2 based on TPU population
  • GO headquarters at facility = 1 additional NTV

Points of Contact:

Transportation and Services Chief
Brian J. Mitchell

NTV/GSA Program Manager
Dustan Owens

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