Strong Bonds

Strong Bonds

The strength of the Army Reserve is only as strong as the relationships that support the Soldiers within it. The Army Reserve works to improve the resiliency of those relationships with a chaplain-led program called Strong Bonds. The Strong Bonds Training Program offers skills-based training that focuses on enhancing the most important relationships. These skills can make good relationships great and assist you to persevere through difficult times. Strong Bonds is conducted in an off-site training format to maximize the training effect. This training provides an interactive, safe, and secure environment to address many challenges of the military.

ELIGIBILITY: All Army Reserve Soldiers residing within the 88th RSC’s region are eligible to attend Strong Bonds events held by the 88th RSC. Typically, Soldiers may only attend training events within 400 miles of their residence. Soldiers who are geographically remote or geographic bachelors must contact the 88th RSC Strong Bonds Team for exceptions to the above requirements.

FUNDING: Orders for TPU Soldiers who live in the 88th RSC footprint are funded, created and emailed to the Soldier by the 88th RSC Strong Bonds Team. Soldiers attend training in ADT status and receive pay and retirement points. These orders will be certified at the end of training; the orders will be turned into your unit for pay. If you are AGR or on an ADOSRC order, you will not receive ADT orders.

Strong Bonds Single Soldier and Married Couple participants are given tools and information to enhance communication and healthier relationships with a nationally recognized curriculum from Prevention Relationship Enhancement Program, or PREP. Family event participants are instructed using a program called Family Wellness. Using these curriculum, participants are led through video and workbook-supported discussions on various aspects of communication, personalities and problem solving. This training provides an interactive, safe, and secure environment to address many challenges of the military life. The Strong Bonds Program offers three learning tracks:

Married Couple Training: Train in effective communication, conflict management, developing friendship and fun with your partner.

Family Training: Build your team dynamic through training in managing change in all types of Families, raising healthy children, and maintaining healthy relationships.

Single Soldier Training: Develop better self awareness and skills to make wise choices for long-lasting, healthy relationships.

The 88th RSC conducts more than 15 Strong Bond events a year. Please visit our facebook page ( or contact us directly for the most up to date listing. Registrations must be received no later than 30 days prior to training. Exceptions will be considered on a case by case basis. Upon successful registration you will receive an e-mail confirming your registration and you will receive an event specific MOI.

Points of Contact

88th RSC Strong Bonds Team

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