Yellow Ribbon

Yellow Ribbon

The Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program is a congressionally mandated DoD wide effort to promote the well-being of National Guard and Reserve members, their families and communities, by connecting them with resources throughout the deployment cycle.

Through YRRP events, Soldiers and their Families and designated representatives are connected with resources and support before, during and after deployments.

There are four events staged throughout the deployment cycle: One 2-day pre-deployment event for Soldiers and Families, one 2-day event for the Families while the Soldiers are deployed, and two 2-day events at 90 and 180-days postdeployment for Soldiers and Families, to include children. The Regional Support Commands are responsible for hosting the post-deployment events.

The Yellow Ribbon program is centrally funded and does not count against the Command's operational funding.

The program provides access to Military Family Life Consultants who provide counseling and referral services for individual, relationship, parenting, and general reintegration support. Also available are Personal Financial Consultants who provide financial planning, budgeting, credit, home purchasing options along with other financial related issues. Key Resources Provided

  • Employment Benefits and Resources
  • Education Benefits
  • Recovery Care Coordinators
  • Financial Counseling
  • Life Skill Development Training
  • Resiliency Training
  • Child Programs
  • Family Programs Education
  • Legal Resources and Support
  • Military Family Life Consultants
  • Personal Financial Consultants
  • VA Benefits
  • Medical Benefits

Points of Contact

Yellow Ribbon Program Manager
John Venner

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