Reserve Personnel Action Centers

Personnel Action Centers

Since the 88th RSC RPACs’ genesis on 1 Oct., 2011, they have supported and serviced thousands of Soldiers throughout our 19-state region.

The goal of the RPACs is to provide Soldiers with premier personnel, administrative and financial services while ensuring and enabling unit commanders the opportunity to focus on training and unit readiness.

The 88th RSC RPACs consist of 153 personnel functioning in 12 major HUBs and 24 Satellites across the 88th RSC area of operations. Since it’s inception into the 88th RSC, the RPAC HUBS and Satellites have proven to have a direct and significant impact on Army Reserve Soldier readiness.

Even though commanders have an overall responsibility for Soldier readiness, it is the RPAC’s mission to ensure the continuity of Soldier readiness by providing centralized personnel, administrative and financial actions in a consolidated location.

The RPAC Supervisors are the leaders creating and incorporating initiatives and standards that allow the RPACs and the Satellites to successfully improve quality and efficiency at their facility locations.

One of the goals of the RPACs is to encourage a collaborative working relationship with unit commanders. Without this working relationship, it is difficult for unit readiness to be possible. The common goal for both is to address the needs of the Soldier.

Point of Contact:

RPAC Division Chief
Tammy J. Madden
608-388- 0452


Fort Lewis, Wash. 253-968- 7022
Vancouver, Wash. 360-885- 7050
Salt Lake City, Utah 801-656- 4217
Aurora, Colo. 303-365- 3195
Wichita, Kan. 316-681- 1759 x1404
Belton, Mo. 816-318- 0007 x2656
St. Louis, Mo. 314-382- 9013 x2341
Fort Sheridan, Ill. 630-204- 9150
Fort Snelling, Minn. 612-713- 3191
Fort McCoy, Wis. 608-388- 8416
Southfield, Mich. 248-359- 2000 x283
Whitehall, Ohio 614-692- 2850

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