Legislative Liaison

Legislative Liaison

Education and Outreach to our Community Leaders

The role of the 88th RSC Legislative Liaison is to facilitate relationships between the Army Reserve and Members of Congress and their representatives, as well as provide education and outreach to community leaders within the northwest region.

These actions work toward increasing our elected officials’ understanding of Reserve Soldier issues, the role of United States Army Reserve in our Nation’s Defense, and its impact on local economies.

The Army Reserve’s legislative affairs representatives are directly responsible to the Chief of Army Reserve for ensuring the integration of the CAR’s strategic priorities. In doing so they serve as vital resources to maintain and leverage partnerships with Members of Congress.

The Legislative Affairs Division is comprised of 12 legislative affairs representatives in its corporate office, and four full-time legislative liaisons located at each of the four RSCs. Legislative Affairs provides divisional support at the local, state and federal government level.

Their role is to disseminate timely, critical, factual, fully coordinated information to members of congress, congressional committees and professional staffers.

They also serve as a conduit between Members of Congress, constituents, government and nongovernment entities, providing accurate, clear and concise formulated written and oral responses to professional and congressional inquiries.

Let’s tell the Army Reserve Story

Is your unit doing something noteworthy that would be of interest to Community Leaders?

Contact the 88th RSC Legislative Liaison and together we will show members of Congress, their staff and other community leaders exactly what the Army Reserve is doing for the Nation as well as what it is doing in their back yard.

88th RSC Legislative Liaison
COL Michael Holland

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