Environmental Compliance

Environmental Compliance

Meeting all regulatory requirements and guidelines while completing the Army Reserve Mission.

The 88th RSC Environmental Compliance Program assists Units and its assets to comply with environmental regulations amidst the complex and technical rules.

There are more than 50,000 pages of environmental regulations in the Code of Federal Regulations alone. In addition, state, county and local laws are either equal to or more stringent than that of the federal requirements.

Administering the program are experts employed and located across all 19 states. They are experts in air, water, land, storage tanks, asbestos, radon, pesticides, stormwater, pollution prevention, noise, drinking water, recycling, lead, EPCRA, NEPA, environmental clean-up, PCBs, hazardous materials and hazardous waste.

To ensure compliance is maintained, each facility is audited annually using the Environmental Performance Assessment and Assistance System. When issues are discovered, corrective actions are recorded, tracked, and completed.

Staff assistance visits provide further assistance and guidance as needed. Failure to comply with environmental regulations can result in civil and criminal prosecution.

The 88th RSC proactively pursues compliance through planning and review, while working closely with facilities and units to provide guidance and improvement.

Environmental Compliance

The 88th RSC is committed to environmental protection and enhancement, pollution prevention and continual improvement.

This is accomplished by meeting or exceeding environmental standards and regulations, enabling Army Reserve operations to maximize readiness and protect Soldiers through the institutionalization of best management practices.

Contact us for guidance and support in:

  • Hazardous Waste Management
  • Environmental Training
  • Spill Response
  • Pollution Prevention
  • Environmental Audits
  • Asbestos and Lead-Based Paint
  • Air Resources
  • Water Resources

Point of Contact:

88th RSC Environmental Division Chief
David Moore

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