Environmental Protection

Environmental Protection

Protect - Conserve - Restore – Preserve

The 88th RSC Environmental Division provides Installation Garrison-level support to all Army Reserve tenants, property, facilities and units throughout the command’s 19 state region.

The Army Reserve Environmental Program provides Soldiers and stakeholders with environmentally compliant and sustainable resources through proactive program management in support of mission execution.

Together we strive to be the Army’s premier environmental leaders, supporting and promoting the highest standards of mission readiness.

In doing so we reduce the risk to human health, environment and our military mission.

We provide the region technical expertise, surveys, plans and permits, environmental training, waste disposals, environmental assessments, staff assistant visits, and regulatory inspections.

The 88th RSC Environmental Division has both program subject matter experts and local environmental specialists who ensure regulatory compliance and environmental stewardship is achieved and maintained.

The Environmental Division goal is to identify and correct regulatory or compliance non-conformities and deficiencies thereby reducing Commanders’ risk of fines and notice of violations.

By working together, we can better manage limited resources, sustain training lands and improve mission capability; resulting in the 88th RSC continuing to be a leader in environmental compliance throughout the Army Reserve.

Point of Contact:

88th RSC Environmental Division Chief
David Moore

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