Environmental Conservation

Environmental Conservation

The 88th RSC Conservation Program is tasked with the protection of our history, the people, and the land on which we live.

The Conservation Program is broken down into three areas: Cultural Resources, Natural Resources and Pest Management. Please contact your local 88th RSC Area Environmental Protection Specialist if you have any questions or concerns.

Cultural Resources

Cultural Resources are the establishment of a historic preservation program, to include the identification, evaluation, and treatment of historic and cultural properties in consultation with the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation, State Historic Preservation Officer, local governments, Federally-recognized Indian Tribes, and the public, as appropriate, in accordance with federal, state, and local regulations as well as DoD and DA guidance.

Natural Resources

Natural Resources provide for the conservation and rehabilitation of natural resources to protect wildlife, sensitive species and ecosystems on Army lands while supporting the training mission. To maintain the ecosystem, a variety of methods are used to include prescribed burns, mowing, agricultural leases, timber harvest, and chemical application to control weeds. By controlling the factors that degrade the ecosystem we support threatened and endangered species, wildlife and habitats.

Pest Management

Pest Management is the protection of the people and property from nuisance animal, insect and plant species which can physically injure, harbor disease and/or contain toxins. The 88th RSC uses Integrated Pest Management approach to address the issues associated with nuisances.

Point of Contact:

88th RSC Conservation Chief
Melani Tescher

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