Environmental Training

Environmental Training

The 88th RSC Environmental Training program enables the tenant units to meet legally mandated environmental training requirements and actively reduces the environmental risk at all levels from RSC Commander (landlord) to the unit Commanders (tenants).

Environmental Training is not only a requirement for those who work with hazardous chemicals, waste and environmental issues.

The 88th RSC Environmental Training Team provides courses to meet the requirements of Federal and state environmental regulations as well as AR 200-1.

Having properly trained people leads to sustainability and promotes healthier, safer, and more knowledgeable personnel. Additionally, it promotes improved Soldier readiness, improved efficiency of operations, reduction in waste and the cost of clean-ups.

Environmental considerations must be integrated into all our activities. Therefore, we request Commanders and Supervisors at all levels in 88th RSC facilities to comply with all applicable environmental protection regulations and policy.

Always ensure personnel receive all required training, as well as ensure all major training events have an environmental risk assessment completed by a trained Environmental Compliance Officer.

88th RSC Environmental Training Courses

Hazardous Materials/ Hazardous Waste Generators Initial Course:

What: This is a 5-day (32-hour) course, which meets the hazardous waste generator requirements under Federal Law and Army Regulations. Hazardous material and waste training is a major component of the Environmental Compliance Program.

Who: All full time support personnel working with hazardous materials and hazardous waste must be trained and hold a current certificate. This includes, but is not limited to AGR Motor Sergeants, AGR Supply Sergeants, and all (AMSA/ECS) mechanics. Hazardous Materials/Hazardous Waste Generators Annual Refresher Course:

What: The 8-hour annual requirement after completing the Initial course to reinforce the issues discussed.

Who: Personnel who have completed the Initial Hazardous Materials/Hazardous Waste Generators course. Environmental Risk: Advanced Environmental Compliance Officer Training Course:

What: This is a one-day (8-hour) course designed to inform the student of the roles and responsibilities of the ECO and to support the Command as required in AR 200-1. The course is centered on an exercise for the preparation, execution, and return from a training exercise. It covers many environmental aspects of the operation to include coordinating with the host environmental office.

Who: IAW AR 200-1, each Commander must appoint a Unit Environmental Compliance Officer (ECO) to monitor the unit's environmental compliance and advise on environmental requirements whether it is laws at Home Station, U.S. installation or Host Nation. Reserve Soldier Hazardous Materials/Waste/Spill Clean-Up Course:

What: This is a half-day (4-hour) awareness course that combines an overview of hazardous materials and hazardous waste issues and/or a condensed spill clean-up course.

Who: Intended for units whose personnel meet the requirement for hazardous material/hazardous waste training, but cannot attend the Initial course. This course is offered at the request of the unit Commander and can be held on drill weekends at the unit’s location.

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