Maintenance, Repair And Services

Maintenance Repair and Services

Facility Operations Specialists (FOS) are our customer’s direct representative for all facility maintenance, repair and services across the 88th Region.

There are ten FOS regions geographically dispersed throughout our area of operations. Each FOS has access to multiple contracting tools that support smaller maintenance and repair issues. These include a Government Purchase Card and a Job Order Contract.

FOS’ are also the Contracting Officer’s Representative for service contracts in their region. Additionally, the FOS provides guidance to the Real Property Management Boards and Real Property Planning Boards as needed.

Within each FOS region, three area Facility Operations Specialist (aFOS) help inspect each facility and work closely with Facility Coordinators and Site Commanders to identify facility problems, needed upgrades or service contract issues.

These 27 contracted personnel work closely with the FOS to ensure facilities are mission ready. The aFOS’ represent our tip-of-the-spear and are usually the first to enter repair and service tickets into the Customer Support System. These tickets are approved by the FOS and routed to our Work Control Center for planning and execution as required.

Points of Contact

Facility Operations Division Chief
John Dalinis

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