Psychological Health

Psychological Health

The US Army Reserve Psychological Health Program serves to enhance resilience and assist with recovery of Army Reserve service members and their families through outreach, education and training, non-stigmatizing behavioral health screenings and referral resources.

The Program provides support for psychological health concerns to ensure service members and their families are psychologically ready and resilient to carry out their mission.

We connect geographically dispersed service members and their families with relevant resources within their community.

The Psychological Health Program also serves to assist and empower Army Reserve leaders in advocating, referring, monitoring and caring for Reserve service members.

By empowering those who serve in the Army Reserve as well as their Families, we strengthen resiliency as well as readiness. If you, your battle buddy, or Family member needs support in managing change, transition or readjustment, contact your Director of Psychological Health Office.

Points of Contact

88th RSC Director of Psychological Health
Stacey Feig, LPC 88th Regional
Office: 608-388-0338
Cell: 703-254-8246

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