Facility Safety Inspections

Facility Safety

The 88th RSC Safety Office continuously travels the region visiting facilities to increase safety compliance.

In CY13 they conducted 93 Safety Inspections and coordinated 13 Federal Occupational Health Industrial Hygiene Surveys.

These inspections ensure the health and wellbeing of all Soldiers and Civilians working within the facilities.

When discrepancies are found, facility managers are given corrective actions to take and the required time to accomplish them.

The end goal is to fully mitigate all hazards and prevent personnel injury.

In this ongoing effort, it is required for all personnel to be familiar with regulations, abide by guidelines, make on-the-spot corrections, and report the hazard when necessary.

Common Safety Deficiencies Found Within ARCs

  • Fire extinguisher monthly inspects not recorded.
  • Annual fire extinguisher servicing not completed.
  • Annual facility fire inspection not completed.
  • Emergency light is non-functional.
  • Extension cords run through ceiling panels.
  • Extension cords used for high draw equipment.
  • Electrical receptacles with no cover, exposing live electrical parts.
  • Heat generating appliances, i.e. refrigerators, coffee pots, microwaves not directly plugged into wall outlets.
  • Use of portable heaters not approved, no automatic shut off feature, or not UL or NRTL listed.
  • Rooms used for storage with no discernible aisles.
  • Emergency exits and aisles blocked with equipment.
  • Electrical panel boards exposing live electrical parts.
  • Multiple extension cords and multi-receptacle outlet units connected to one another. This is a very dangerous practice AND THE MOST COMMON SERIOUS DEFICIENCY.

Points of Contact

88th RSC Safety and Occupational Health Manager
Michael J. Curtis

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