Sleeping In Facilities

Sleeping in Facilities

All units wishing to have Soldiers sleep in Army Reserve Facilities within the northwest region must first gain approval from the 88th RSC Safety and Occupational Health Office.

Sleeping in an 88th RSC facility will be approved on a case-by-case basis. Determinations will be based on facility evaluations, risk assessments, effective implementation of risk reduction measures, and mission needs.

"Incidental” sleeping in any Reserve Center is considered non-daily/non-routine utilization of facilities by individual(s) under the command and control of the local or facility commander. Soldiers are lodged overnight in conjunction with Inactive Duty Training, Annual Training, or other duty status operations.

Restrictions imposed for utilization of facilities for sleeping do not apply during times of natural disaster, civic unrest, or mobilization for war. Full utilization of Army Reserve facilities is authorized during war and emergency/disaster relief operations, when authorized.

Requests to utilize Army Reserve Centers as Incidental Sleeping Quarters must be submitted in writing 30 days prior to the scheduled event. Commanders will submit an Incidental Sleep Plan in accordance with this memo to the 88th RSC for each event. The Incidental Sleep Plan packet should be sent to the 88th RSC Safety Office, via e-mail to:

The 88th RSC Safety Office will process the Incidental Sleep Plan packet and provide feasibility recommendations based on the information provided. Safety will then coordinate with 88th RSC Public Works for their recommendations. Once recommendations have been completed, the packet will be forwarded to the 88th RSC DCG for final approval.

Approved requests will be sent by returning an endorsed “Incidental Sleep Plan” back to the requesting unit commander.

In the event the request is denied, a response memo will be sent to the requesting unit indicating the reasons for denial.

Points of Contact

88th RSC Safety and Occupational Health Manager
Michael J. Curtis

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