Education Services

Education Services

The 88th RSC employs five Education Service Specialists (ESS) who are available to provide educational support to Army Reserve Soldiers, Families and Army Civilians throughout the northwest region. The 88th RSC ESSs serve as part of the greater Department of Defense military education program and are able to provide a wealth of educational resources to ensure your success.

The five 88th RSC ESS’s provide core services consisting of:

- Educational Counselling
- Degree Planning
- Tuition Assistance
- Testing
- Financial Aid
- Student Loan Repayment
- and much more!

The 88th RSC ESSs are available to provide unit level education benefits briefs and command level education fairs. The education offices provide guidance at the start and critical decision points. This is where an ESS can provide the largest impact to assist Soldiers in their pursuit of continuing education. An ESS can provide detailed learning options based on cost, location, or time. They are well versed in the nuances of traditional and non-traditional learning institutions.

Tuition Assistance

The Tuition Assistance program provides financial assistance for voluntary off-duty education programs in support of a Soldier’s professional and personal self-development goals. TA is available for courses that are offered in the classroom or by distance learning and is part of an approved academic degree or certificate program. TA is an integral element of the Army Reserve’s continuing education program. The 88th RSC ESS’s devote a significant amount of effort helping Soldiers navigate the tuition assistance process to ensure payments are timely and accurate. The 88th RSC Education Services looks forward to serving Soldiers and enhancing their military and civilian careers through education and skills.

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