Soldiers Ready Up - McBwc Opening Day

Story by PV1 Hunter Eastman on 04/17/2018
DEVENS RESERVE FORCES TRAINING AREA, Mass. -- Soldiers start off strong at the opening events of the Major Command-Level Best Warrior Competition (MCBWC) here at Devens Reserve Forces Training Area, Monday, April 16.
MCBWC is an annual event where Army Reserve Soldiers compete against each other and themselves to prove their skills. Soldiers from the 412th Theatre Engineer Command (TEC), 416th TEC, 76th Operational Response Command and 99th Readiness Division, represent nearly 15% of the total Army Reserve force.
The Soldiers are competing for the title of best warrior or best noncommissioned officer of their command and a spot in the United States Army Reserve event to prove they have what it takes to be the best warrior.
Sergeant Justin Richardson, from the 365th Chemical Company, 416th TEC, decided to compete in the MCBWC because he wanted to prove he could be a great leader. He was pushed by his peers in his home unit to compete and be the best he could be and is vying for the title for his command.
Today marked the first set of tasks Soldiers had to complete during the competition, and included a written exam and enlisted Soldiers/NCO boards. A board consists of a panel of Sergeants Major who asked questions that tested the Soldier's knowledge of topics ranging from weapons knowledge, creeds, land navigation as well as their professional appearance and military bearing.
Specialist John Mundey, of the 463rd Engineer Battalion, 412th TEC, from West Virginia, has been in the Army Reserve for two years and is no stranger to competition. A standout college athlete, Mundey was ready for something more challenging and decided to test his mettle in the MCBWC.
"It's a great tool for Soldiering skills," said Mundy. "And competition never hurt anybody."
The competitors are excited for upcoming events. Mundey said that the ruck march was a way to put himself above the other competitors because he's built up an endurance through collegiate athletics.
Tomorrow, the Soldiers face another set of challenges including an Army Physical Fitness Test, weapons qualification and a "mystery" event kept secret from the competitors in an effort to keep them on their toes.

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