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100th Bn., 442nd Inf. Reg., Veterans Bestowed France's Highest Honor

Story by SGT Jessica DuVernay on 09/26/2017
In a humbling ceremony, the Honorary Consul of France, Mr. Guillaume Maman, bestowed three veterans with the highest award recognition France gives, the Legion D'Honneur, in a quiet ceremony 21 Sep., at the Hawaii State Capitol, in the historic House Chamber.
Honored for their service to the country, Mr. (Pfc.) Harold Zenyei Afuso, H Company M, 2nd Battalion, 442nd Regimental Combat Team, Mr. (Pfc.) Tetsuo Tateishi (posthumous) accepted by his son Mr. Dale Tateishi, A Company, 100th Inf. Bn., 442nd RCT, and Mr. (Pfc.) Futao Terashima, I Company, 3rd Battalion, 442nd RCT.
All three men were part of the honored and storied Nisei Veterans, who volunteered for service, while their families were forced to remain in internment camps due to their Japanese ancestry. The country turned their backs on these men and thousands others, but these men did not do the same and fought and sacrificed alongside American Soldiers.
Maman, spoke to the men about their sacrifice: "First, allow me to say how pleased and honored I am to be with you today, and also to express the deep, sincere and eternal gratitude of France towards the United States of America."
"Throughout my country, I have seen many American cemeteries in Normandy, [and] in Epinal, where lie some of your comrades who did not return to the United States," Maman said. "Know that their memory is cherished by all the people of France. Their ultimate sacrifice was not in vain. If I am here before you, it is because soldiers like you and like them did their duty with honor."
Attendees of the ceremony included Governor David Ige, Governor, State of Hawaii; Congresswoman Colleen Hanbusa, Representative for 1st Congressional District, Hawaii; and representatives for Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard, Scott Saiki, and Mazie Hirono. Each speaker honored the honorees with certificates of appreciation and leis from their respective government offices.
Also in attendance was the Color Guard of the 100th Inf. Bn., 442nd Inf. Reg., 9th MSC, led by Staff Sgt Chris Arakawa and the commander of the 100th Inf. Bn, Lt. Col. Matthew Cloud.
"It was a great honor for myself and the 100th Battalion, 442nd Infantry Regiment Color Guard to participate in the ceremony today," said Cloud. "This acknowledgement of their actions during WWII against the Axis Powers encompassed the preservation of freedom for France and the rest of Europe. It is a well-deserved award that recognizes those sacrifices that they and their fellow Soldiers endured for humanity."
This ceremony marks over 50 Veterans from the 100th Bn, and 442nd Inf. Reg. that have been honored with the award. To be eligible for the award veterans must have served in one of the three main campaigns of the Liberation of France.
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Historic 100th Welcomes Army Reserve's 1st Female Infantry Commander

Story by SGT Jessica DuVernay on 09/26/2017
"The opportunity to command and the understanding of the impact of that responsibility is difficult to quantify," said Lt. Col. Matthew Cloud, commander, 100th Inf. Bn., 442nd Inf. Reg., 9th MSC. "A leader that steps forward to accept that responsibility willingly and selflessly sacrifices their time demonstrates a sincere commitment to those Soldiers for which they are responsible."
Siva, the outgoing commander, had only been a first lieutenant for two months before he was offered the command of Charlie Company. He successfully led and guided the Soldiers, to maintain the pride the unit carried being part of the 100th Bn.
"1st Lt. Siva willingly accepted that responsibility as his duty to this unit and selflessly placed the needs of the Battalion above his own," said Cloud. "Thank you for accepting that challenge and providing leadership to the unit."
"It [has] been an honor serving as the company commander for Charlie Company," Siva said as he gave his final speech. "I served with the best men, the Army could ever offer."
Cotton is not new to change and embraces it as a new chapter in her military career. Previously having served as the Cadet Summer Training Operations Officer at U.S. Army Cadet Command's at Fort Knox, Kentucky.
"Capt. Cotton has volunteered to be the commander of Charlie Company and accepts the challenges that comes with that position," Cloud mentioned.
"This is an exciting opportunity, not everyone gets even a chance to serve in this capacity," Cotton said prior to the ceremony taking place. "More than anything I love working with and training Soldiers, and watching them grow, develop and be successful."
"The history and legacy of the 100th Battalion-442nd Infantry Regiment is deep with challenges, accomplishments, and milestones that stand apart from many other organizations," said Cloud. "Today is no different and demonstrates not only the uniqueness of the unit but the ability to adapt and live up to our Army values."
Charlie Company will continue to train for their mission and improve overall unit readiness, said Cotton when asked about her plans for the unit.
"At the heart of my command philosophy, is the importance of being a physically, mentally, spiritually fit unit, and promoting a culture of excellence and team work."
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Exercise Equateur 2017 Solidifies The Interoperability Of Partner Nations In The Event Of A Natural Disaster

Story by SSG David Overson on 09/18/2017

Equateur 2017 is an annual exercise, which began in the late 1990s, and this year it was comprised of the host nation France; Australia; Fiji; Japan; New Zealand; Papua-New Guinea; Tonga; Vanuatu; the United Kingdom; Canada; and the U.S. Its intent is to simulate a national disaster enabling countries from the Pacific Region to work together and provide both security and humanitarian aid to those affected.

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63rd Bsb Cases It Colors

Story by SFC Chanelcherie DeMello on 08/14/2017

Lt. Col. Peter Gleason and Command Sgt. Maj. Alan Roberts, 63rd BSB command team, along with Col. Samuel Membrere, commander of the 303rd MEB, partook in the furling of the battalion colors before it was cased and marched of the field.

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Brigadier General (BG)Stephen Curdais the Commander of the 9th Mission Support Command, Fort Shafter, Hawaii. Since his commissioning, Brigadier General Curda has served in a variety of command and staff positions in many diverse locations, including Platoon Leader in 2 ID, Republic of Korea, Company Commander in Ft. Davis, Panama, S-3 in Ft. Hood, TX, and duty in Soto Cano AB, Honduras. He also served as the 45th Infantry Brigade (Separate), S-4 Logistics Officer and Chemical Officer. As part of the 350th Civil Affairs Command, Brigadier General Curda participated in numerous joint exercises in Central and South America. Brigadier General Curda has commanded at every echelon from company, battalion, brigade and previous general officer level command as the Commander of the 351st Civil Affairs Command, in Mountain View, California, where his units were responsible for Civil Affairs support activities across U.S. Pacific Command (USPACOM).

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