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Independence Day Marching To The Beat Of Music

Story by Rosario Urquieta on 07/19/2017

"Both parades were great, but parades that celebrate the 4th of July seem to be a little more special. It is really nice to experience, to see just how happy and proud the audience is, and just being represent not only the Army Reserve, but our country," said Sgt. Daniel Cech, 191st Army Band, U.S. Army Reserve, "It was really cool seeing the reactions at Disneyland yesterday, and seeing their reactions today at Pacific Palisades. It is an honor to be able to play and perform for our country, and for the Army. It represents everything that we have accomplished in the last 242 years."

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Exercise News Day

Story by SGT Ian Valley on 06/19/2017
Muscatatuck, Ind. U.S. Army Reserve public affairs Soldiers from all across the nation came together this summer to participate in USARC's Exercise News Day, headquartered in Muscatatuck Urban Training Center, located in Southern Indiana.
Exercise News Day is a seven-month event that sends Army Reserve public affairs Soldiers all across that country writing and shooting video stories of Soldiers and units in the Army Reserve. It also acts as a training exercise for the public affairs Soldiers.
"Exercise News Day assists Army Reserve Soldiers in their training by giving them real-life missions all across the nation," said Capt. Monica Leger of the 326th Public Affairs Detachment, based in Salt Lake City, Utah, and the action planner of Exercise News Day. "They travel to those locations, cover exercises and tell the Army Reserve story."
This exercise spans 34 different locations across the country and involves around 100 Army Reserve Soldiers from 17 different units.
Leger explained that the purpose of the exercise is to give public affairs Soldiers in the Army Reserve real missions so that they can get more experience doing their jobs as they would in a combat zone.
One of the primary missions for the Soldiers training at MUTC is to tell the Army Reserve story through their words, images and video.
"Journalism is an important way to convey the Army Reserve message," said Spc. Ricky Mozer of 206th Broadcast Operations Detachment, based out of Grand Prairie, Texas, and a participant in this years Exercise News Day.
"It is important to go out and cover these Soldier's missions and tell their story," said Mozer. "They take time away from their families and it is important that what they do is recognized."
Leger also says it is important that these stories are told because they want everyone to know that the Army Reserve is a well-trained, combat ready and ready force.
In order to become this force, Soldiers need to go through training that simulates conditions of being on an overseas deployment. In the public affairs world, that includes traveling and finding the stories that are happening within the Army Reserve. Exercise News Day lets these public affairs assets hone their journalism skills.
"The constant movement during Exercise News Day provides Army Reserve Soldiers with real-world training," said Leger.
Leger said the travel is one of the most exciting parts of Exercise News Day.
"There are 34 different exercises," she said. " They are literally spread out all over, going from one location to the next location, telling the Army Reserve Story."
Some of the locations the Army Reserve Soldiers will go to include Hawaii, California, and Minnesota.
Leger says the fast-pace and the travel are similar to what these public affairs soldiers would be doing overseas. By simulating this experience, Army Reserve Soldiers are receiving training that they may not be able to get during their regular battle assembly weekends.
Leger says this year, she wants every Army Reserve Soldier to bring a new energy into their training and get excited about being a citizen-Soldier.
"This year Exercise News Day is focusing on the new messages of the Army reserve," said Leger. "We are lethal, we are combat-ready, we have excitement and excellence in what we do. Exercise News Day allows our Soldiers and the citizens of the United States to here that message and to know what we're capable of."
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Army Reserve Hosts Inaugural Well Being Event

Story by SFC LaTonya Kelly on 06/14/2017

"The combined well-being pilot gains efficiencies in cost reduction and streamlining business processes. There are now more resources available to Strong Bonds Programs and Yellow Ribbon participants are able to physically see other programs in action which are important to their pre and post deployment life cycle," said Brig. Gen. Tracy Smith, deputy commander for Professional Services, 807th Medical Command (Deployment Support).

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63rd RSC Commanding General Raise Awareness For Earth Day In Multiple Communities

Story by SFC LaTonya Kelly on 04/28/2017

The celebratory kick off for the Earth Day began at the Sgt. James Witkowski Armed Forces Reserve Center in Mountain View with soldiers, multiple community partners, local vendors and neighboring elementary schools.

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63rd RSC Info

About US

Mission and Vision

MISSION: The 63d Regional Support Command provides base operations and mission administrative, and logistical support to enable commanders and units to maximize resources and focus on readiness, training, mobilizing, and deploying.

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Government Travel Information

May 8, 2017 (Edition 2, Volume 1)

That the Joint Travel Regulations (JTR) allows the traveler to provide a statement in lieu of actual receipts when it is impossible to furnish the actual receipts. The statement must include explanation of the circumstances and must contain information such as the service provider, date of service rendered, itemized cost, total amount due and total amount due that was paid. Any questions on the policy, contact your Approving Official/Reviewing Official or the command Lead Defense Travel Administrator for more details.

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Contact Information

230 R.T. Jones Road
Mountain View, Ca. 94043

General Inquiries: 800-479-7706

Media Inquiries: 650-526-9567

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In addition to salary and bonuses, the Army provides for housing, meals and uniforms for Army ReserveSoldiers on active duty status.

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