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Tacom, Dla Land And Maritime Strategic Partnership Ensures Readiness

Story by Dana Thornbury on 09/17/2018

This question of readiness was the foundation of the visit between Palmer and Army Maj. Gen. Daniel Mitchell, commander for U.S. Army Tank-automotive and Armaments Command Life Cycle Management Command.

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'we're A Team': First Husband-Wife Pilots To Fly The B-2 Retire From The Air Force

Rows of chairs were filled with family members, close friends and fellow military members. As the ceremony began, all eyes were on the couple standing up front.

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Fort Drum Officials Present Virtual Town Hall On Lead Hazards

Story by Michael Strasser on 09/14/2018

Although this is not a health concern affecting people living on post, officials realize that Fort Drum community members may have questions following the recent report from Reuters news agency that children were at risk for lead poisoning at privatized housing on some Army installations.

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Marshall Center's Cyber Team Engages Experts, Senior Leaders To Shed Light On The Deep And Dark Web

Story by Christine June on 09/14/2018

As part of the Marshall Center's Program on Cyber Security Studies, this Marshall Center workshop, which is sponsored by the U.S. Department of Defense Combating Terrorism Fellowship Program, was specifically designed for cyber security, law enforcement and counterterrorism experts nominated by German and American embassies globally, said Professor Phil Lark, the PCSS course director.

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Private and public section partners benefit by getting access to the best, brightest and most highly-trained USAR units and Soldiers.

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Continue your military career upon separation from active duty by participating in the ArmyReserve as a member of a TPU and build upon the training and experience you have gainedon Active Duty, while earning pay and benefits and working towards a Reserve retirement atage 60.

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