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Slp Makes Transitions For Military School Age Children Easier

Story by LCpl Karina Lopezmata on 03/13/2019
Military life can be filled with unique challenges that are unequaled through the eyes of a child. As the families move from one duty station to another, children often attend a number of different schools. The average child in a military family will move six to nine times during their school career and every time they move they could lose academic progress.
The School Liaison Program (SLP) focuses its efforts on making transitions from one school to another easier for military children. Each state and school district teaches different things at different times and trying to fit in as "the new kid" in school while adjusting to their new normal can sometimes cause the child to feel lost.
"There is that risk that our military students will fall behind," said Julie Fulton, school liaison officer. "We provide support, resources and help to the parents."
The SLP was stood up in the Marine Corps in 2008 alongside the Military Interstate Children's Compact Commission (MIC3). The MIC3 is a piece of legislation that all 50 states and the Department of Defense Education Activity have agreed to abide by.
The MIC3 is an agreement among states to provide uniform treatment for military children moving to new school districts. The purpose of the compact is to make sure military kids are immediately enrolled in their new school after a move, placed in the appropriate academic program and able to graduate on time.
"The MIC3 mainly protects high school students," Fulton said. "It makes the schools work together and allows the kids to try-out for sports mid-season."
In addition, the SLP offers families information about local school options in the new area and educational opportunities, including home school.
"We're the education advocate for the military children," Fulton said. "We support and represent the best interests of the students and parents in the educational process."
The school liaison officers are available to help with all K-12 education issues for public, private and homeschooled students for all branches of the military at any local installation. Contact the School Liaison Office to discuss assistance with changing and finding schools in the area, transitions, deployments, moving tips and school advice.
For more information about the SLP, visit their website at http://www.mccslejeune-newriver.com/schools/ or call the Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune office at (910) 449-9915.
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Guardsman Recognized As Exemplary Soldier

Story by SPC Tori Miller on 03/12/2019

Bailey faced many challenges prior to joining the Guard. She was a rowdy teenager and didn't have the easiest childhood. Bailey's mother had six children. Her family had been homeless and moved around every year until she entered high school. Her mother fought to get Bailey and her siblings in to a stable home to give them a better life.

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Des: New Kentucky Concealed Carry Law Does Not Apply At Fort Knox

Story by Eric Pilgrim on 03/12/2019

Despite the new law, Fort Knox Directorate of Emergency Services officials are reminding members of Fort Knox and the surrounding communities that Army regulations regarding privately-owned weapons on post remain in effect. Jamie Desrochers, DES physical security officer, said the state law does not apply at the post.

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Congressman Tells Female Airmen Leaders To Be Specialists

Story by SSgt Anthony Agosti on 03/11/2019

Black, who gave a large group talk about women in leadership for Women's History Month, also had a private meeting with select female Airmen leaders during her visit.

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