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By Dr. Bruce D. Jette, Army Acquisition Executive

In preparing to write this column, I thought broadly about the role that technological innovation has played in changing the nature of warfare over the years: robotics, night vision technology, air mobility, the internal combustion engine, GPS, radar, the internet, the machine gun, the chitosan bandage, freeze-drying technology (both food and blood) and even duct tape. I could go on and on, but my point here is that continued innovationin forms both large and smallhas improved the lives of our Soldiers and contributed immeasurably to their success on the battlefield, and will be critical to modernizing the force. Not only that, those innovations have created countless jobs and helped create untold wealth.

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Missing Person Rescue, Other Good Works Attributed To Alpena K9 Seminar

Story by 1st Lt. Andrew B Layton on 10/11/2018

From Sept. 29 Oct. 4, the training center hosted a force that looked very different indeed, as over 330 working dogs and handlers along with more than 40 master K9 instructors congregated on-base for the National Association of Professional Canine Handlers (NAPCH) annual seminar.

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Afmc Civilian Hiring Pilot Program Targets Efficiency, Timeliness

Story by Marisa Alia-Novobilski on 10/11/2018

Air Force Personnel Center Operating Locations at Hill, Robins, Tinker and Wright-Patterson Air Force Bases that provide Air Force Materiel Command personnel support will realign to AFMC, creating opportunities to test innovative strategies for processing of civilian personnel actions. The ultimate goal is to improve civilian hiring timeliness and throughput across the Air Force.

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New Patent Portal Accelerates Nps Technology Transfers

Story by Matthew Schehl on 10/11/2018

The NPS Research and Sponsored Programs Office (RSPO) partnered with TechLink on Sep. 27 to begin listing publicly available patents on an online express licensing portal, which dramatically streamlines technology transfers to the private sector.

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Continue your military career upon separation from active duty by participating in the ArmyReserve as a member of a TPU and build upon the training and experience you have gainedon Active Duty, while earning pay and benefits and working towards a Reserve retirement atage 60.

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