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High-Velocity Learning Key To Expanding The Advantage

Story by Kelley Stirling on 05/21/2018

Jim Smerchansky, executive director for NAVSEA, opened the HVL summit held at Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWC), Carderock Division in West Bethesda, Maryland, May 15-16. NAVSEA Commander Vice Adm. Thomas Moore closed the event, which brought representatives of NAVSEA commands together to discuss HVL tools, successes and opportunities.

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Event Stresses Importance Of Teamwork In Tackling Mental Health Issues

Story by Paul Levesque on 05/21/2018

That's the message sent out at a training event that took place here May 17 at Heritage Hall. The event, titled "Our Story of Survival," was held to mark Mental Health Awareness Month.

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Two New York City Soldiers Win Army National Guard Northeast Region Best Warrior Event

Story by SSG Michael Davis on 05/21/2018

Spc. Ilya Titov and Sgt. Quentin Davis earned the Soldier and non-commissioned officer honors for National Guard Soldiers in the northeast.

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Natural Resource Management Benefits Spill Over Into Recreation

Story by Trisha Dorsey on 05/21/2018

"Through natural resource management, we work to improve the land which benefits recreation activities as part of our environmental stewardship program and the Corps overall mission," says Lora Vacca, Smithville Lake operation project manager. "We wear many hats and support many initiatives, but a main practice that coincides with recreation is natural resource management. We work to maintain thousands of acres of public lands and water for the benefit of both the public and fish and wildlife."

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Continue your military career upon separation from active duty by participating in the ArmyReserve as a member of a TPU and build upon the training and experience you have gainedon Active Duty, while earning pay and benefits and working towards a Reserve retirement atage 60.

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