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From Customer To Commander: U.S. Army Cold Regions Test Center Commander Looks To Future

Story by Mark Schauer on 07/08/2019

From Korea to Afghanistan, the lives of American Soldiers depend on functioning equipment in inhospitably frigid environments, and nowhere else in the world can provide extreme cold weather testing like the U.S. Army's Cold Regions Test Center (CRTC), in Delta Junction, Alaska.

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The Bolden Family Legacy: Celebrating 60 Years Of Marine Corps Service

Story by MAJ Simba Chigwida on 07/08/2019

Col. Anthony "Ch" Bolden retired on July 3, 2019 in a ceremony held at the Navy-Marine Corps Stadium's Akerson Tower in Annapolis, Md.

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National Guard Soldiers Remember Medal Of Honor Recipients, Actions Of Wwii

Story by SGT Andrew Valenza on 07/08/2019

The ceremony marked the 75th anniversary of the division's fight against the largest Japanese Banzai suicide charge of the Pacific Theater during WWII.

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New Assistant Secretary Outlines Priorities For Army Installations, Energy And Environment

PENTAGON - Alex A. Beehler was confirmed by the U.S. Senate on Jan. 2, 2019, and sworn in as the 16th Assistant Secretary of the Army for Installations, Energy & Environment (ASA IE&E) on Jan. 10, 2019.

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303rd Maneuver Enhancement Brigade Welcomes Dethlefs, Farewells Membrere

Story by Crista Mary Mack on 07/03/2019

The Change of Command ceremony is a time honored U.S. Army tradition where the physical passing of the unit colors from the formation begins a transfer of authority. The colors represent responsibility of the 303rd MEB mission and the welfare of the Soldiers. In this case, Command Sgt. Maj. Beau Tatsumura, transferred to the outgoing commander, Membrere, on to the senior commander, 9th MSC Commanding General Brig. Gen. Douglas Anderson, who then passed the colors to Dethlefs. Dethlefs then returned the colors safely to Tatsumura and the formation, the actions together a symbolic relinquishment of authority and assumption of massive responsibility.

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Tennessee Airman Visits Grave Of World War II Relative In Hawaii

Story by TSgt Teri Eicher on 07/03/2019

One of ten children, Private 1st Class Henry Durwood Howard volunteered to enlist with three of his siblings at the outbreak of the war. Airman Howard's grandfather has often told her about his brother, whose grave few in the family have been able to visit.

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9th Mission Support Command Farewells Anderson, Welcomes Connelly

Story by Crista Mary Mack on 07/02/2019

"Our Army Reserve has an incredibly proud history, every thing we do in the Pacific is Total Army, Active, Guard, Reserve," Brown, senior commander of the event, said. "There are incredible challenges you have to being twice the citizen. The full time jobs they have and the commitments they have, it's absolutely amazing."

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Ipps-A: More Efficient System Leads To Quicker Promotion Process

Decentralized promotions are used for Soldiers eligible for grades E2-E4. The legacy process consists of a 24-step back-and-forth exchange of paperwork and manual entry of information between commanders and HR professionals, and HR professionals and the finance office. However, IPPS-A has automated the process by ensuring all actions are completed in the system, including the creation of promotion rosters, commanders' approval of waivers, as well as time in service and time in grade updates.

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Army Reserve Sustainment Command Holds Change Of Command Ceremony

Story by SFC Sheila Holifield on 07/01/2019

Maj. Gen. Steven Ainsworth, commanding general of the 377th Theater Sustainment Command, presided over the ceremony, in which the ARSC's six brigade commanders and senior enlisted advisors were present. Also part of the ceremony was the 313th United States Army Band, under the direction of Staff Sgt. Cory Belvin. Distinguished guests in attendance were Brig. Gen. Don Absher, vice commander of the Joint Enabling Capabilities Command; Brig. Gen. Thomas Murray, J3 (Wartime) United States Forces Korea; and Command Sgt. Maj. Lawrence Arnold, command sergeant major for the 377th. Special guests in attendance were Ling's wife, Linda, and Col. Trevor Nehls, former AMC Army Reserve Element commander, as well as Nehls' wife.

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Va Education Benefits, The Gi Bills

Story by Amy Stork on 07/01/2019

The Post-9/11 GI Bill (Chapter 33), is available to individuals who served at least 90 days of active duty service after Sept. 10, 2001. To be eligible for 100 percent of the benefits, you must have served 36 total months of active duty or you must have been discharged after Sept. 10, 2001 for a service-connected disability after 30 days of continuous active duty service.

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