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Ambassadors Link Army Reserve Leaders To Soldiers, Families And Communities

Story by Catherine Carroll on 08/15/2018

Army Reserve Ambassadors from the 88th Readiness Division's 19-state region did get this face to face opportunity during the annual Army Reserve Ambassador (ARA) Workshop, at Fort Snelling, Minn., Aug. 10.

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Nellis Opens Two Lactation Rooms For Breastfeeding Moms

Story by Amn Bailee Darbasie on 08/15/2018

To improve the quality of life for base members, the chapel and the 99th Medical Group have focused on nursing needs and committed rooms to mothers by providing clean and secure locations.

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21st Tsc Hosts Kaiserslautern Civic, Business Leaders

Story by CPT Doug Magill on 08/15/2018

Klaus Weichel, Kaiserslautern Lord Mayor joined 10 members of the Kaiserslautern U.S. Business Council for a mission brief from Maj. Gen. Steven A. Shapiro, 21st TSC commanding general, before touring the Theater Logistics Support Center-Europe facility on Kaiserslautern Army Depot. Helmut Haufe, TLSC-E director, guided the tour for TLSC-E which is responsible for executing sustainment across Europe for the 21st TSC which serves as the logistics headquarters for U.S. Army Europe, a 3-star command headquartered in Wiesbaden, Germany.

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The Last Lrs: Leaving A Legacy Behind

The unit, which was first activated in 1985 as part of the 1-167th Cavalry, became the last Army National Guard long range surveillance unit in existence prior to the inactivation order dated Sept. 30 this year.

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Collaborating On Innovation

The future Army must be ready to deploy, fight and win decisively against any adversary, anytime and anywhere, as well as to operate in a joint, multidomain, high-intensity conflict, while simultaneously deterring others and maintaining agility to conduct irregular warfare. While the Army has been at war, the world witnessed the value and impact that technology brings to the battlefield and how capabilities, enabled by such technology innovations, are critical to the success of our Soldiers.

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Taking The Initiative: Creating A More Efficient Army Workforce

Story by Thomas Peske on 08/13/2018

Through multiple initiatives from the U.S. Army Materiel Command and the Joint Munitions Command, Crane Army is actively working to improve its efficiencies. These initiatives range from improving cultural understanding of how to be more productive throughout the workday to enhancing both short and long range planning to increase logistics and production capacity and throughput. Over the past couple of months, Crane Army employees received tools to assist them in meeting this goal including the Sustainable Readiness Model, to increase readiness and stability across the Organic Industrial Base, and the Oliver Wight Supply and operations planning process, to help with supply and demand outlook.

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Nswc Philadelphia Interns Showcase Summer Research Projects

Story by Matthew J Leonard on 08/13/2018

Every summer, NSWCPD hosts students from the Naval Research Enterprise Internship Program (NREIP) and Science, Mathematics and Research for Transformation (SMART) internship programs. This year's poster session featured projects from 65 interns representing 30 colleges from 15 states and Puerto Rico.

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Military Police Train At Fort McCoy

Story by SGT Jameson Crabtree on 08/10/2018

Each year, Operation Blue Shield trains between 1,000 and 1,500 U.S. Army Reserve police Soldiers.

The preparation leading up to the final test consisted of four lanes that challenged and improved their primary skill sets and core military competencies. Soldiers trained on moving techniques, map reading skills, camouflaging self and individual equipment, basic radio operation, medical evacuation report, casualty care and more.

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Welcome To The Weird: Army Futures Command Makes Connections In Austin

Futures Command will be different from your traditional Army command, which fits right into Austin's culture. The city motto is "Keep Austin weird." Army leaders chose Austin because of this "weirdness" as it provides the best opportunities to partner with academia, industry and innovators in the private sector. This will lead the Army's modernization efforts, while providing Futures Command personnel a quality of life they deserve and a cost of living they can afford.

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This Month In Fort McCoy History: August 2018

Story by Aimee Malone on 08/09/2018

Camp McCoy added a male switchboard operator, in addition to its staff of 23 women, to put through calls within the camp and to the outside world.

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