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Ready to continue your Army career in the Army Reserve? Then transfer to a troop programunit (TPU). TPU Soldiers are the heartand soul of the Army Reserve. Being partof a TPU in the Army Reserve is more likea part-time job that enables Soldiers tokeep their civilian careers while theycontinue to train near home and servetheir country. Many professionals as wellas college students are Soldiers in theArmy Reserve.

Transfers to the TPU

Individual Ready Reserve Soldiers

To enable you to transfer to a TPU, your gaining unit must submit a DA Form 4651-R or4187 to your reserve center's Army Reserve Career Counselor. HRC-Fort Knox maintains apartial list of select unit vacancies. For additional vacancies please contact your ArmyReserve Career Counselor.

Active Army Soldiers

Continue your military career upon separation from active duty by participating in the ArmyReserve as a member of a TPU and build upon the training and experience you have gainedon Active Duty, while earning pay and benefits and working towards a Reserve retirement atage 60.

As part of your pre-separation counseling and out-processing, you will be briefed on yourReserve obligations or options, as well as the benefits of joining the Army Reserve, by yourlocal Army Reserve Career Counselor/In-Service Recruiter. They will inform you of the manyopportunities available within the Army Reserve.

It is not difficult to arrange for a transfer to a Reserve unit near your home of record priorto your separation from active duty. Your local Army Reserve Career Counselor or ReserveComponent Career Counselor can assist you in joining an Army Reserve unit of your choiceand location.

They can help arrange for a unit position in advance of your separation from active duty inorder to preclude any break in service. Orders may be processed in advance through theretention and transition system assigning you to a Reserve position in a unit prior to yourseparation from active duty. Also, your local transition point can help facilitate thistransition.

For more information, contact your nearest Army Reserve Career Counselor.

Army Reserve Careers Division

5015 North 34th Street, Building 900
Gillem Enclave, GA 30297-5245
1.888.667.7701 1st Battalion

(ME, NH, VT, NY, CT, RI, MA)


DSN: 314.475.8862 2nd Battalion - (PA, NJ, DE)

1.800.400.2650 ext 8279
412.865.7388 3rd Battalion - (DC, MD, VA, WV)

(757) 962.4305 Ext 1264
757.383.3108 4th Battalion - (KY, TN, NC, SC)

(803) 751.1816
(803) 467.3059 5th Battalion - (FL, PR)

407.240.5939 x 2366
321.439.1369 6th Battalion - (GA, AL, MS, LA)

205.795.1770 7th Battalion - (AK, HI, WA, OR, ID, MT, WY, GU, AS, MP, AP)

425.398.4202 Fax 8th Battalion - (ND, SD, NE, MN, IA, WI)

612.713.3078 9th Battalion - (AR, IL, KS, MO)

866.639.5970 ext 2580
636.926.3212 ext 2580 10 Battalion - (MI, IN, OH)

614.946.0459 11th Battalion - (CA, NV)

562.235.4601 12th Battalion - (TX)

972.343.4281 13th Battalion (AZ, CO, UT, NM, OK)


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