Officer Accessioning Program

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who is the primary point of contact for my Officer Accessionsapplication?

A: Your Officer Accessions Careers Counselor (OACC) will assist you in preparation ofyour packet. Call or send an e-mail to your OACC and he/she will contact you withall the information you will need. Click here for the e-mail and telephone numbersfor the OACC is under the Contacts section of this web site. Use the checklist toguide you through this process. Q: What is the standard on letter of recommendation?

A: Letters of recommendation are a very important part of the application. At aminimum, your packet should contain company and battalion commander letters ofrecommendations. Additionally, the company and battalion commanderrecommendations must be from your current chain of command unless you haveless than 90 days with your current chain of command. The letters should be specificand quantifiable. If you have received NCOER’s you may want to use some of thestrong bullets as a starting point in drafting the memorandums. Do not use a formletter that uses generic or flowery sentences. The letters should emphasize yourtechnical skills and leadership abilities. Q: Can I apply for more than 1 branch?

A: In block 6 of the DA Form 61 you can list up to three options, BUT YOU MUSTMEET THE CRITERIA for all listed. List the branch in order of preference, because thepacket is boarded with your first preference and if you are selected the packet is notboarded again. If not selected, your packet is boarded a second time for your secondchoice. Q: How do I know if I need a moral waiver?

A: If you check YES in block 26 of the DA Form 61, indicating you have beenarrested, charged, cited, held, or detained for any reason at any time, then a waiveris required. You must list all juvenile offenses, Article 15s, courts-martial or trafficfines of more than $250. Example: You were cited for vandalism while in high schoolbut the charge was dismissed, you still require a waiver because you were cited forthis offense. Q: What is the standard for the security clearance?

A: Contact your OACC or unit security manager. The security manager must sign thememorandum, which will indicate the type of clearance, type of investigation, thedate the clearance was granted or to whom the periodic reinvestigation wassubmitted. The memorandum MUST be signed by the OACC or unit securitymanager. The OACC will also assist you if you’re having any problem. Q: What is the standard for the DA Form 2-1?

A: It is your responsibility to ensure this form is up-to- date and accurate. Onlypersonnel who are authorized to update this form may make typed or pen and inkchanges. Ensure the awards on the DA Form 2-1 agree with your DA photo. If yourecently tested to raise your GT score, ensure the new score is posted. Your civilianeducation entry must agree with your transcripts. Also ensure item 35 correctlyshows your assignment history. Q: What is the standard for the official DA Photo?

A: The photo is a very important part of your packet. This is the first item of yourapplication the board sees and it helps to form the first impression. Wear onlypermanent decorations. Have someone look you over before taking the photo and, ifpossible, ask someone to go with you to ensure your uniform is correct in every way.A long sleeve shirt and four-in- hand tie is recommended for males. Civilians mustwear dress clothes. Q: What is the standard for the physical exam?

A: It must be in accordance with Chapter 2, AR 40-501. Physicals taken forappointment in non-aviation branch must state for Officer Appointment. Physicalexamination must include a HIV and Drug and Alcohol test results. Your RetentionNCO will help you get an appointment to get a proper physical. Civilian personnel donot have to have a physical in their application to be considered for appointment.But they should have a statement in their packet stating that they understand thatthey must take a Chapter 2, commissioning physical, if they are recommended forappointment by the DA Special Review Board. Physical cannot be more than 2 yearsold. Q: What is the standard for the Army physical fitness test (APFT)?

A: You or your OACC must contact someone in your unit to administer the APFT.This APFT will follow the regulation very strictly, so we caution you to get in shape. Without exception, candidates are expected to meet the Army standard APFT, if youcannot pass the APFT, you will be sent home from your Basic Officer LeadershipCourse (BOLC). Civilian candidates, are not require to take an APFT for directappointment application, however during their schooling they will have to pass theAPFT. Q: What if I have not complete my degree?

A: If the applicant does not have a baccalaureate degree he or she must possess aSAT minimum score of 850 or ACT score of 19 and the SAT and ACT scores must notbe older than 10 years on board date. However, you must complete your degreebefore you can be promoted to captain. Q: Can I apply if I am mobilized?

A: If you are a Soldier that is within the 6 months of REFRAD or Demobilization, yesyou can apply for the ODC program. Q: Can I apply if I belong to any other Armed Forces branch?

A: Yes you can, you must complete the conditional release DD Form 368 andsubmitted with the ODC packet, if you are selected then you must continue thetransfer process for the USAR. Q: Can I apply if I am a civilian?

A: Yes you can. Q: What happens if I am selected?

A: HRC Fort Knox will provide instructions and guidance for civilian applicant andSoldiers who are appointed and mobilized. Q: What happen if I am not selected?

A: If you are not selected by the first board that considers your application, (nonselected), you can reapply with a completely new application, one (1) year after thedate in block 42 of the DA Form 61.


Age: Minimum age is 18. Maximum age 41 years and 6 months at time of scheduledboard. Presently there are no restrictions to the maximum age for which an applicantcan submit a waiver request.

Citizenship: All applicants must be a US citizen or have lawfully entered the UnitedStates for permanent residence. An applicant is exempt if he or she is currentlyserving or have served previously in the Armed Forces.

Foreign nationals living in the United States, or its possessions who have not appliedfor permanent residence (non-declared alien) may submit application for initialappointment. However, it will be with the provision that if accepted, application forpermanent residence will be made.

Mental Qualifications: Must have a GT score of 110 or higher.

Applicant from another branch of the Armed Forces must submit evidence ofattainment of a qualifying GT score 110 or higher. To be obtained on RecruiterEligibility Data Display (REDD).

If required test scores are not available, arrangements will be made to administerthe entire test battery.

Above are not applicable for appointment of a former commissioned officer applyingfor reappointment as a commissioned officer.

Security Requirements: Applicant will have as a minimum, a interim secretsecurity clearance prior to be tendered an appointment.

Must submit, E-QIP Security form with the finger print card, FD form 258, ifapplicant is missing security clearance.

Applicant for appointment as commissioned with assignment to Military Intelligencemust have a Top Secret clearance and will be informed of the time required to obtainclearances.

Special back ground investigation and final clearance may take up to 12 months tocomplete.

Applicants can be field boarded without an approved clearance as long as the E-QIPSecurity form has been submitted with the fingerprint cards. Packets can be HQDAboarded with an interim secret.

Education: Baccalaureate degree. Applicants with less than a 4-year degree mustsubmit all college transcripts and the results of either ACT (19) or SAT (850). Thesubmitted test can't be over 10 years old.

Moral: Each applicant will be of good moral character. Moral waivers will besubmitted with the application and processed by HRC-Fort Knox, KY upon receipt ofapplication. Court documentation will be submitted with waiver request.

Leadership: Applicants will possess traits as potential leaders and have the abilityto deal effectively with people. Such traits will be evaluated in terms of applicant'sNCOERs, letters of recommendation, background and experience.

Medical: Medical requirements are prescribed in AR 40-501, chapter 2, and mustmeet the retention weight standards of AR 600-9.

For flight training a type B medical examination is needed to meet class la, AR 40-501 chapter 4 and 8

All applicants will submit an approved chapter 2 physical and any waiver requestswith application.

Waivers: All waivers will be submitted with the packet and processed by HRC-FortKnox, KY once the packet is received.


  • Have at least 60 credit hours of college
  • Not older than 40 years of age
  • Completed the appropriate NCOES.
  • NCOERs showing leadership and supervisory experience.

For more information on Army Reserve Officer or to complete a application packet,contact your local Officer Accession Career Counselor.

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