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The Search Is On

By Dr. Bruce D. Jette, Army Acquisition Executive

In preparing to write this column, I thought broadly about the role that technological innovation has played in changing the nature of warfare over the years: robotics, night vision technology, air mobility, the internal combustion engine, GPS, radar, the internet, the machine gun, the chitosan bandage, freeze-drying technology (both food and blood) and even duct tape. I could go on and on, but my point here is that continued innovationin forms both large and smallhas improved the lives of our Soldiers and contributed immeasurably to their success on the battlefield, and will be critical to modernizing the force. Not only that, those innovations have created countless jobs and helped create untold wealth.

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Missing Person Rescue, Other Good Works Attributed To Alpena K9 Seminar

Story by 1st Lt. Andrew B Layton on 10/11/2018

From Sept. 29 Oct. 4, the training center hosted a force that looked very different indeed, as over 330 working dogs and handlers along with more than 40 master K9 instructors congregated on-base for the National Association of Professional Canine Handlers (NAPCH) annual seminar.

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Afmc Civilian Hiring Pilot Program Targets Efficiency, Timeliness

Story by Marisa Alia-Novobilski on 10/11/2018

Air Force Personnel Center Operating Locations at Hill, Robins, Tinker and Wright-Patterson Air Force Bases that provide Air Force Materiel Command personnel support will realign to AFMC, creating opportunities to test innovative strategies for processing of civilian personnel actions. The ultimate goal is to improve civilian hiring timeliness and throughput across the Air Force.

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New Patent Portal Accelerates Nps Technology Transfers

Story by Matthew Schehl on 10/11/2018

The NPS Research and Sponsored Programs Office (RSPO) partnered with TechLink on Sep. 27 to begin listing publicly available patents on an online express licensing portal, which dramatically streamlines technology transfers to the private sector.

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Forged By The Sea", U.S. Navy Celebrates 243 Years

Story by Keith Hayes on 10/11/2018

After the United States won its independence, however, Congress, under the Articles of Confederation, was too weak to maintain more than a token armed force. The United States had financed the war through huge foreign loans and by issuing paper money. Without taxing power, the Confederation could not pay off the debt. Although the government possessed one tremendous asset, western lands, it would take time to translate these holdings into cash. For the present, the Confederation government could not afford to maintain a single warship. The last ship of the Continental Navy, the frigate Alliance, was sold in 1785, and its commander, Captain John Barry, returned to civilian life. The navy disappeared and the army dwindled to a mere 700 men.

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Journey To Join

Story by Shane Phipps on 10/11/2018

This is the shuttle run and it's performed as part of the Army's Occupational Physical Assessment Test one of the last examinations before joining the Army. The young man is Tyler Barrows of Manchester, Maine. Unsurprisingly, Barrows easily passed his OPAT, and will leave for basic training on Oct. 15. This is unsurprising, because on his journey to join the Army he managed to lose more than 75 pounds of body fat.

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Waterway Management Keeps Pollutants At A Minimum

Story by A1C Alexandra Singer on 10/11/2018

"We do an excellent job of protecting the surrounding bay," said Dawn Christian, 633rd Civil Engineer Squadron Water Program manager. "Best management practice is to keep any contaminants from stormwater out of the Back River."

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Artillery Battalion Moves Toward 2019 Deployment

Story by SFC James McGuire on 10/11/2018
The B Battery, 2nd Battalion, 300th Field Artillery Regiment guidon was cased during a Sept. 6 ceremony at Camp Guernsey Joint Training Center, and soon afterward soldiers from several batteries stood in one formation as 2nd Battalion, 300th Field Artillery Forward.
The forward formation was made up of soldiers from Bravo as well as Headquarters and Headquarters Battery, 2nd Battalion, 300th Field Artillery; A Battery, 2nd Battalion, 300th Field Artillery Regiment; and volunteers from other units around the state. The Forward guidon will be cased when they return, and the soldiers will return to their regular units.
Capt. Ivo Wambeke, forward commander, addressed his formation for the first time
after falling them out into a horseshoe huddle on the parade field.
"We've got a big mission coming up," Wambeke said to his 120 soldiers. "If you don't know, we're going to deliver rockets first class to the enemy."
Wambeke encouraged the unit members to get to know each other as many have not worked together. He added, "If I don't know you personally, I've heard good things about you."
The unit then set about the business of pre-mobilization training and rehearsing warrior tasks and battle drills the skills needed to survive in combat.
In a smaller huddle, 1st Lt. Leslie Brazil met with her new charge, "Alpha Forward" which will deploy at a different time from the large body to another area of operations. Her soldiers started training in the field on the mission-essential tasks for a High Mobility Artillery Rocket System battery.
Second Lt. Jacob Brabender, Alpha Forward's liaison officer, said his focus was on teambuilding.
"We wanted to get everyone working together out here setting up communications and doing reload drills and even a medevac," Brabender said. "We have experienced people who have been there, done that, to help facilitate the training for our younger soldiers."
One of those experienced soldiers is veteran Sgt. Wesley Short, who is back in the ammunition section after a stint on the launchers. He's working with some of the privates and specialists on the resupply vehicles.
"We're doing uploads and downloads and trying to get their speed up," Short said.
"I'm showing them how to pick a good spot for reload points."
Private 2 Zachary Owen, for whom this will be a first deployment, said, "I'm excited to go, especially as an E2." He was quickly reassured by his mentor that the unit will work hard to get him at least one promotion, maybe two, before they mobilize.
While the big unit was split into platoons running warrior task training lanes, and trying to avoid the opposing forces strategically placed around Guernsey's South Training Area, the 30-man, as it's known, was evaluating notional casualties and administering first aid to its own, after a mock attack on an ammunition resupply point that yielded a variety of injuries.
Brabender was in charge of calling in a "9-line report" to the responding aviators and medics of the Wyoming Army National Guard's G Company, 2nd Battalion, 211th Aviation, who too, will deploy next year. The training event culminated with the mock patients being airlifted to a notional care facility.
The deployers can look forward to continued training over the next few months and becoming very proficient warriors.
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Nicole Yingling: Airman, Doctor, Business Owner

Story by SrA Julia Sorber on 10/10/2018

Lt. Col. Nicole Yingling is serving her country as a dentist with the 193rd Special Operations Medical Group here, is a board-certified civilian endodontic and owns and operates two private practice locations.

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Naval Hospital Jacksonville Partners With Private-Sector Hospitals To Maintain Advanced Skills

Story by Yan Kennon on 10/10/2018

The partnerships enable Navy clinicians to provide care to patients at locations including St. Vincent's HealthCare, a not-for-profit health system in northeast Florida; and UF Health, an academic medical center in Jacksonville.

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Media Advisory: World War II Veteran To Receive Military Police Medallion For Mission Of Mercy,' Service

Story by MSG Michel Sauret on 10/09/2018

Walter Pruiksma, a resident of Brick Township, New Jersey, landed on Utah Beach, Normandy, France, in June 1944 and served across France, Belgium and into Germany during the war.

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Telemedicine Provides Higher Level Assistance In A Medically Austere Environment

Story by CPT Marion Jo Nederhoed on 10/09/2018

Ground transportation is highly restricted at Combined Task Force (CTF) Defender and MEDEVAC flight times are at the edge of Golden Hour radius for D-2 Battery, 2-1 Air Defense Artillery Battalion located at the remote site near Camp Carroll, South Korea.

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Air Force Takes Runway Defense To New Heights

Story by SSgt Benjamin Raughton on 10/08/2018
The Air Force is taking airfield defense and repair to new heights by implementing the Rapid Airfield Damage Assessment System, a method of using small, unmanned aircraft to scan for airfield damage under wartime conditions, and even provide roof and electrical wire monitoring in peacetime.
Two engineering technicians assigned to the 51st Civil Engineer Squadron at Osan Air Base, Republic of Korea, were sent to Tyndall Air Force Base, Florida, to receive training and become certified RADAS operators.
"In our (Air Force specialty code), we go over the airfield and mark damage," said Senior Airman Herman Stribling, 51st CES engineering technician. "It takes more time and is dangerous to be on the airfield in pitch darkness looking for a crater or (unexploded ordnance). This way, it's quicker and safer."
By the end of two weeks of training, Stribling and his partner, Staff Sgt. Jason Holmes, 51st CES requirements and optimization technician, had flown multiple aircraft simultaneously, conducted day and night operations, and learned to track moving objects.
"This will be the standard for the Air Force," Holmes said. "Even in the private sector, drones are being used to survey oil rigs, migration patterns of wildlife, and checking infrastructure."
Currently, the operators are capable of flying two drones at once, but look forward to being able to fly multiple drones as a swarm in the future.
At this time, the use of small unmanned aerial systems, or drones, are only to be used by authorized military personnel, and Airmen and their families are reminded that personally owned drones are not permitted to be flown on Osan Air Base.
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