823rd Red Horse Squadron Communications Keep Airmen Connected

Story by A1C Ronald FelicianoRivera on 06/12/2018
The 823rd RHS department of resources flight is a four-Airman shop located on the 823rd RHS compound that manages the workstations and software of approximately 450 Airmen, maintain ready-to-go communication fly-away kits, and provide support for daily technical issues. For instance, new operating systems with improved security features and new workstations with new encryption hardware, promote confidentiality and integrity that keeps systems running without issue.
"Any sort of major or minor project that RED HORSE touches, we provide the communication aspect," said Staff Sgt. Leo Santos, a client systems technician with the 823rd RHS. "We make sure that software suites work; that they can communicate, and get plans back and forth to the people that need them."
All of the 823rd RHS tech support needs are fulfilled while at home station. If the DR flight deploys, the 1st Special Operations Communications Squadron takes over and provides technical support for the 823rd RHS.
"Our day-to-day typically involves troubleshooting a plethora of issues that our customers have," said Santos. "Sometimes it's web-based interfaces like Leaveweb, other times it's with software. Our support extends to printers, scanners, telephones, digital senders and multi-function devices."
Many of the desktops at the 823rd RHS are being upgraded by the DR flight in compliance with a mandatory transition to a new operating system. Airmen will receive new laptops, allowing for mobile, lightweight workstations.
"I upgraded all the desktops to laptops," said Staff Sgt. Johnathan Rico Arce, a client systems technician with the 823rd RHS. "I transfer all the data from the desktop hard drive to the new laptop's drive to ensure a seamless transition"
The laptops are capable of securely accessing the military network.
"The laptops have a software suite called a VPN, which is a virtual private network," said Santos. "It allows Airmen to perform the technical portion of their job outside of the installation, if necessary."
Additionally, 823rd RHS communications readily keeps two deployable communications fly-away kits available for RHS Airmen who need to establish secure communications in austere environments.
"The communications fly-away kit contains a telephone, typically one or two laptops, and a printer/scanner, all connected to a router, which is then connected to a satellite relay," said Santos. "The CFK allows secure communications users can go in there from anywhere and are able to access the Department of Defense network."
By providing crucial support tailored to the can-do, will-do, have-done squadron, the 823rd RHS department of resources flight ensures Airmen have operationally-ready technology.

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